Wire partitions offer fast, inexpensive and flexible methods to safeguard products and personnel. Panels typically bolt directly to support posts which are anchored into the floor providing a strong and secure foundation. Panels are made in many different widths and heights and are stackable, providing the ability to meet almost any layout. These materials are available in many different colors which provide an attractive finished installation to meet the needs of any business. Some uses for wire partitions are:

Modular panels are available up to 10' wide and 5' high and are easily stackable to reach heights of up to 12' for use in cages or lockers. When attached to pallet rack, the only limitation to height is the height of the upright. Many different door options are available, from hinged, double hinged, dutch doors, sliding doors, tunnel doors, vertical rise gates, etc. Locking options are also quite flexible offering thumb-turn latches, keyed locks, coded card readers, key pads, electromagnetic locks, etc. Ceilings can be clear spanned up to 35' for an attractive and functional building or enclosure.

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