The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the lifeblood of distribution and manufacturing operations today. It provides a platform for Bar-Coding/RFID tracking of products as they arrive, are stored, picked, and shipped. The HAL WMS incorporates RF (radio frequency) terminals, scanners, voice directed operations, rfid, printers and software for real time tracking and reporting.

BIPCO, INC. has an alliance with HAL Systems Warehouse Management Solution as part of our Systems Integration offerings. The HAL WMS is a complete package that runs on all of the common operating systems and databases and guarantees complete integration with all existing ERP systems. It is designed for all sizes of business and the typical implementation schedule is only 4 months from order date.

HAL Systems Voice Headphone and Ring Scanner Scanner

The HAL WMS will save your company money in four primary areas: Data Entry, Material Handling, Inventory Costs, and Error reductions in shipping and production. Some of the main features of the HAL WMS are:

This WMS solution has been used by our clients with terrific results, some achieving payback within 12 months or less. Typically, our clients will have a payback period between 12-14 months. This is achieved through increases in productivity and accuracies. A recent WMS installation reduced the warehousing operations personnel from 17 to 9 within the first 6 months of operations.

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This is a very affordable, fully functional solution and the implementation is usually only 4 months from order date to live implementation. This package has helped many of our clients meet packaging and labeling requirements demanded by big box retailers, as well as reducing or eliminating charge backs that directly affect the bottom line.

Implementation Schedule Operator Productivity
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