Drawer Unit Installation Multi-Level Shelving

Shelving is a versatile storage product. From simple standalone units to fully accessorized tool room systems to multilevel mezzanine installations, shelving can be as basic or sophisticated as required.

BIPCO offers many different types of shelving units, including open or closed clip type units, shelving with modular drawer units, single or double rivet-rite and mini-racking high density units, wide span \units, cabinets, tool boxes, mobile cabinets, CNC storage units, work benches and work stations, record storage shelving, lockers, and a wide selection of accessories such as doors, drawers, bins, particle board decking and wire decking.

By using the Rousseau Spider shelving system, we can show you how you can reclaim up to 70% of your storage space by utilizing shelving units with modular drawers. This is an excellent solution for small parts storage as well as Parts Rooms and Tool Rooms. Other great benefits from using modular drawers are increased productivity by reducing walk time for order picking and stocking, better inventory control and reduced product damage.

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