Roll-Formed components are lighter weight, easily snap together and as a result are usually less expensive to buy and install. However, they are limited in the total amount of weight that they can support and are more easily damaged from fork truck abuse.

Structural components are made from heavier, cast steel and can provide higher load capacities. Since structural components are bolted together (beams to uprights, etc.) they take slightly more labor to install. However, they will generally require considerably less maintenance due to fork truck damage. We have some structural installations that have been in place over 20 years without any significant maintenance.

Narrow Isle Installation AS / RS Crane Application

When considering which type of pallet rack to purchase, consider the environment that the rack will be installed in and the turnover of fork truck drivers. Also, certain applications, such as very high uprights and precision guided equipment (rack-mounted aisle guidance, AS/RS, Cranes) tend to be better uses of Structural components.

High Bay Installation
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