Pallet rack is very versatile and can be used to create mezzanines and multi-level pick modules. The pick module is a multilevel structure that utilizes rack components integrated with a variety of product flow components to provide both full pallet storage as well as small case picking functions. These systems provide dense storage of product parts and facilitate the compilation of multiple SKU's for shipping. This allows work to be concentrated in a limited area and to feed fast moving cartons to pick-to-belt conveyor applications.

Components usually found in a multilevel pick module include the rack structure, flooring, stairways and landings, handrail, full pallet flow, carton flow, reserve storage, shelving and conveyor.

Pick Module
  1. Rack Structure / Mezzanine
    Rack uprights and beams designed to structurally support all aspects of the pick module and its functions
  2. Flooring and Support Structure
    Bar grating of a combination of B-deck and wood installed atop structural cross-aisle beams
  3. Stairway with Landings, Handrails, and Kickplate
    Required for accessibility and designed to OSHA and BOCA standards.
  4. Full Pallet Flow
    Offers First In / First Out (FIFO) storage for full pallets or case picks
  5. Carton Flow
    Provides broken case storage and picking functions for compiling orders
  6. Selective / Reserve Rack
    Single deep storage of full pallet loads used to replenish pick locations
  7. Shelving
    Storage equipment required for small parts
  8. Conveyor System
    Facilitates the flow of picked products to various locations
Multi-Level Pick Module Pick Module Installation
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