Sortation conveyors are used to divert packages onto connecting conveyor lines for accumulation for other processes or to divert packages onto shipping lanes for truck loading. Selecting the correct sorter device is critical in the design and implementation of a productive and cost effective operation. This subject is quite complicated and we will not go into the details on this web site. Some of the types of sortation conveyors are; Pushers/Pullers, Swing Arm Diverters, Wheel Diverters, Right Angle Transfers, Sliding Shoe sorters, Tilt-Tray sorters, Cross-Belt sorters, and Slat sorters. Listed below are some of the different sorters that we have used in successful installations.

Sliding Shoe Sorter

This is the fastest and longest sorter available on the market today. They can reach lengths of up to 800 feet and speeds up to 540 feet-per-minute, and sort as many as 230 cartons per minute. The design is a slat conveyor with sliding shoes mounted between the slats. The shoes are activated and move across the slats to divert cartons off the sorter onto other conveyors or into hoppers or chutes. If you have never seen one in operation, it is very impressive and difficult to describe.

Swivel Wheel Diverters Swivel Wheel Diverter

A swivel wheel diverter is a simple, compact, easily maintained device that can quickly and efficiently transfer products from one conveyor to another. This device can receive a steady stream of closely spaced, rapidly moving goods and selectively steer them to other conveyor lines. Used in belt conveyors, the belt drives the diverter wheels and when activated, the wheels swivel at an angle to divert to transfer the load onto the other conveyor. When not activated, the wheels remain in line with the conveyor and carry the load forward.

Swivel wheel diverters are a good choice when your packages are between 10"-36" in length, greater than 6" wide, at least 1" tall, and weigh between 2-75#. Rates vary between 50-80 cases per minute.

Right Angle Transfers

Right Angle Transfer devices allow for diverting of totes and cartons at 90 degree angles from/to transportation or accumulation conveyors. These devices can be equipped with high-speed pneumatic or electric lift options depending on the application requirements. This is an ideal system for reliable, on-the-fly and stop-and transfer configurations with rates up to 45 cartons per minute.

Swing Arm Diverters

Swing arm diverters are mounted between two conveyors and are used to route cartons or totes to the correct lane. The swing arm is activated by air cylinders when a signal, sent by a scanner, the controls system, or by switch, is received by the actuator. This sorter allows the product flowing on a conveyor to continue straight ahead on the existing conveyor or to be diverted onto the adjacent conveyor. Often times a swing arm diverter will have a powered belt on the face of the arm to assist in easy movement between the conveyors and may be referred to as a Powered Face Plow.

Swing Arm Diverter
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