Powered belt conveyors are conveyors where the product rides directly on the belt. The belt is supported by either a roller bed conveyor (Belt on Roller) or on a slider bed conveyor section. Powered belt conveyors are available in horizontal, incline/decline, belt curves and metering belt sections, which are used to place the proper gap between cartons for sortation. Product typically conveyed on belt conveyors include cartons, bagged items, and totes.

Belt on Roller Conveyor

Excellent for long distances and heavy loads, belt on roller conveyor requires less horsepower when compared to slider bed conveyors because the belt is riding on low-friction ball bearing rollers. This conveyor is well suited for moving product up an incline to change elevations in a facility to conserve floor space or to move product from one floor to another.

Belt on Roller Conveyor Slider Bed Conveyor

Slider bed conveyor provides a flat, sturdy, stable support for the belt. This conveyor is excellent when your product mix is varied in sizes and weights and in "pick-to-belt" applications when impact loading is major issue. Slider belt conveyors can handle cartons, totes, bags, bundles, crates, drums, etc. And with the solid bed, this type of conveyor can provide an excellent work surface for "cell manufacturing" or valued added processes in a distribution operation. Slider bed conveyors can be used in horizontal or decline configurations.

Slider Bed Conveyor
Trash Conveyor

Another use for slider bed conveyor is for the transportation of empty cartons and wrapping material away from work areas to a compactor. Trash conveyor is usually hung from the ceiling or the underside of a mezzanine above the worker's head and workers usually toss the empty cartons and dunnage up onto the trash conveyor which is then transported to a compactor. This helps keep a neat and clean work area and reduces the manpower necessary for trash removal.

Trash Conveyor
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