Conveyors are a powerful material handling tool. They offer the opportunity to boost productivity, reduce product handling and damage, and minimize labor content in a manufacturing or distribution facility. Conveyors are generally classified as either Unit Load Conveyors that are designed to handle specific uniform units such as cartons or pallets, and Process Conveyors that are designed to handle loose product such as sand, gravel, coffee, cookies, etc. which are fed to machinery for further operations or mixing. It is quite common for manufacturing plants to combine both Process and Unit Load conveyors in its operations.

Installations of conveyors range from simple gravity conveyors that require no electrical or controls components to advanced installations combining many different types of conveyors for transport, scanning, accumulation, sortation, palletization and truck loading which can require sophisticated electrical controls and integration to Warehouse Management System (WMS) software.

BIPCO, Inc. is a Systems Integrator. A Systems Integrator is involved in the development and layout of the system including the controls package. The integrator also acquires the hardware and software, provides installation, training, and start-up services for a complete turnkey package. We provide many different brands of conveyor, support services, and a complete line of spare parts.

Conveyors on the surface may seem to be a very simple tool. However, there are many pitfalls when designing and selecting the correct conveyor(s) for a particular application. That's where our 50+ years of experience in Material Handling Systems is invaluable to you in helping make the right choices in the design and installation of your conveyor system.

Types of Conveyor
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