Specialized Automotive Service Products

Whether you are looking for a basic workbench with a little or a lot of storage space, or a more complete workstation integrated with a lift motor control, a computer system, reels and more, BIPCO offers a complete and versatile solution. The Rousseau Global Technician WorkCenter offers all the flexibility to design the right solution for your Service Operation and helps you present a quality, first class appearance to your customers.

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We offer a complete line of tool boxes, both fixed and mobile, with modular drawers, specialized storage units, reel cabinets, ergonomic seating solutions, work stations and cabinets. These units incorporate your needs for power strips, air and water needs, reel storage, lighting, computers, telephones and waste containers with the flexibility for single or dual workstation design.

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It's simple to customize your own single or double workstation with the 5 step process.

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