Specialized Automotive Storage Automotive Parts
  1. Small and Medium Parts Storage
  2. Medium and Large Parts Storage
  3. Hanging Rack
  4. Sheet Metal Rack
  5. Bumper and Pipe Rack
  6. Molding Rack
  7. Multi-Purpose Workstation
  8. Tire Rack
  9. Static Cabinet
  10. Mobile Cabinet
  11. Wall Cabinet
  12. Wall-Mounted Workstation
  13. Two-level Shelving System

We offer a complete and integrated storage solution; high density modular drawers for shelving and cabinets, industrial shelving and mini-racking, including tire racks, as well as workstations adapted to your reality, the automotive industry.

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Small and Medium Parts Storage Small and Medium Parts Storage Small and Medium Parts Storage Medium and Large Parts Storage
  • Open Shelving, Closed Shelving, and Mini-Racking
  • Shelves easily adjustable at every inch c/c
  • Full length label holders available
  • Many dimensions available
Medium and Large Parts Storage
Hanging Rack

Ideal for hanging exhaust pipes and fender skirts

Hanging Rack
Hanging Rack
Sheet Metal Rack
  • Supports parts and boxes that are stored vertically
  • Robust divider can be adjusted laterally (left to right) without tools
  • The divider stays in position when load is applied laterally
Sheet Metal Rack
Sheet Metal Rack
Bumper and Pipe Rack
  • Supports those parts that lean vertically against the back of the mini-racking
  • Dividers can be adjusted laterally (left to right) without tools.
  • Dividers stay in position when load is applied laterally.
Bumper and Pipe Rack
Bumper and Pipe Rack
Molding Rack
  • Suitable for storage of most moldings
  • Steel rod with 1/4" diameter
  • Superior rigidity compared to plastic rods currently used on the market
Molding Rack
Multi-Purpose Workstation
  • Wide variety of different work surfaces: laminated wood, painted steel, stainless steel
  • Infinite number of configurations possible with accessories
  • Contact us! We have the table to suit your needs perfectly.
Multi-Purpose Work Station
Tire Rack
  • Allows for storage of popular sized tires of different dimensions up to 17 inches in diameter
  • Beams constructed with a slope surface to prevent the deformation of tires
  • Offered in single depth or double depth
  • Many dimensions available
Tire Rack
Tire Rack
Static and Mobile Cabinet
  • A versatile cabinet can serve as a mobile unit or base for a workbench or counter
  • Many dimensions and configurations available
  • Many options available:
    • Choice of top
    • Drawer equipped with lock-in / lock-out (LILO) mechanism
    • One drawer at a time
    • Locking mechanisms, etc.
Static Cabinet Mobile Cabinet
Wall Cabinet
  • Includes 2 adjustable shelves at every inch
  • 125 lb capacity per shelf
  • Factory assembled
Wall Cabinet
Wall-Mounted Workstation
  • Ideal in situations where you cannot have anything on the floor, for cleaning purposes or to avoid the accumulation of inappropriate materials under the work surface
  • Compatible with the multi-purpose frame and its accessories
Wall-Mounted Workstation
Two-Level Shelving System Two-Level Shelving System

Any future Rousseau two-level shelving system will use the maximum vertical space available in your parts department, while avoiding obstacles such as structural columns and sprinkler systems. The Rousseau two-level shelving system adapts to your environment, in width as well as in height.

Two-Level Shelving System
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